About Us

Established 1905

Wayside Living Room

Wayside is part of Keychange,  a Christian Charity which provides creative and caring community living. Wayside is a large shared house with 19 bedrooms and shared communal areas.  Residents are encouraged to be part of the community within the house by building positive peer relationships and taking part in  group decisions and activities.

Wayside offers a safe and stable homely environment where residents can develop life building skills and increase opportunities for future housing options.

We aim to assist homeless women in increasing life opportunities and stability.

We look for opportunities to link with the local community and support services for the benefit of Wayside residents.

Positive peer mentoring and relationships built on trust and respect are upheld between all those who live and work at Wayside.

We aim to create a caring community where individuals can progress and personally develop.

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Wayside Community
42 Croydon Rd
Tel: 01737 248304